How can i convince my parents to let me walk around the block at least once everyday alone?

im 11, nd i wanna get away from my family, but its a pretty small house, so its hard to just run nd hide! my auntie nd sister are always ganging up on me nd telling me to do favors for them. my mom is always treating me like im a baby. my baby cousin always wants to play, this part doesnt bother me as much bcuz shes 1 nd shes just bored. someone is always yelling, my auntie, nd im always getting in trouble for something my sister did! shes the 'princess' nd its annoying! i wanna join a club or something at school bcuz they annoy me tht much, nd i still have 7 years until im 18... wat to do?! btw i cant talk on the phone bcuz my sister will always yell out "ness stop picking ur nose!" "ness! stop picking ur ***" "ness!stop acting like ur all that!" its annoying. so annoying, tht i spit in her chaptick... wat can i do?

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    Kids need to be allowed to do some stuff on their own, otherwise they will be unable to function in society. Walking around the block is not a big deal in most neighborhoods. Will they let you join a club?

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    4 years ago

    Is there every person on your community which you will desire to stroll with? it may be plenty extra secure in case you accompanied the pal equipment. As a discern, i does not be mushy permitting my 12 year previous daughter to be considered robotically strolling on my own on a daily basis. there is too plenty skill for a predator to become attentive to you and plan his circulate. It happens in 'sturdy' neighborhoods, too. purely ask Elizabeth smart. in case you nonetheless doubt it, then bypass on your city website, and seem up the registered intercourse offenders on your zip code. those are in straight forward terms those they have caught. I do enable my youthful babies to stroll with communities of babies to and from college. you're able to additionally want to contemplate utilizing a bicycle or an electric powered scooter (verify your state regulations) to make it a shorter holiday.

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    Do me a favor and go watch the news, All stations all day everyday for a week. You probably won't want to walk around the block any longer. My daughter isn't allowed to go by herself. way to many perves and pedophiles, and you are prime steak, and you are gullible enough to put your photo on the net. You are screaming for someone to kidnap you. Be careful, and don't be so quick to try to be free. Having adults around at all times has it's advantages.

  • 1 decade ago

    uhm, i dont feel like reading all that lol. so to answer ur question: seems like they would let u walk around a neighborhood if they let u put a picture of ursef on yahoo for a bunch of 50 yr old sex offenders to see. im sure you'll convince them just fine. (:

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  • 1 decade ago

    just grab your AK-47 and say that you will only use it if necessary.

    and if for some reason something happens like some guys try to rob you and there wearing bullet proof Armour, then just pull out your spartan Lazar and pwn those noobs!!

  • 1 decade ago

    girl take your picture of of here your only 11 years old theres perves on this site.

    Anyways..Umm just ask them and dont spit in ppl chapstick thats trifline

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