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how can i completly wipe out the history of websites on my computer?

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    If you're running Internet Explorer select Tools > Delete Browsing History, make sure that the "History" box is checked, and select delete.

    With Mozilla Firefox select Tools > Clear Recent History (in older versions the select Tools > Clear Private Data) make sure that the "Browsing & Download History" box is checked, and select "Clear Now"

    In Safari select History > Clear History and Select "Clear"

    These directions work with the newest versions of the browsers, and all versions of Firefox.

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    Why what website you been on ;) lol

    If your on internet explorer you click on the star then history, right click and delete.

    If on chrome theres a little symbol of of a spanner/wrench, click it thn go on clear browsing data.

    Im not sure about other browsers as i dont have thm :)

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    if you have google chrome,ie,or firefox ( press

    ctrl+shift+delete and check the boxes of what u want 2 dedlete

    pretty simple

    if u like my advice tell people bout my site when its setup itll have a bunch of how-tos and hacks


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