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Do individual expenses show up on credit cards?

I'm thinking of getting a Visa or American Express credit card and i was wondering of the individual online expenses i make show up? like each different thing i buy off ebay, showing up the cost and item.

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    Amex has a detailed online screen, but most retailers don't list each charge individually by item. So if you went to Sears and bought a bunch of Dockers, it would show up as one transaction. Grocery stores, etc only show one charge not dozens.

    Buying on eBay, though typically is a line by line purchase, like ebay, vendor and final price.

    AMEX detail of a sushi restaurant:

    TOTAL $55.00

    TIP 10.00

    Doing Business As : YUKI YAMA JAPANESE

    Merchant Address : 2236 FOOTHILL BLVD






    Reference Number : 32009227035596805XX

    Dispute/Inquire about this charge

    Category: Restaurant - Restaurant

    If vendors showed every item, many husbands and wives would be in trouble:

    Lap Dance $50.....

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    Call your bank card corporation and immeditately dispute that $three hundred cost. Don't wait or believe the net corporation will provide you a credit score. They might drag it out for six to eight weeks and also you might then be past the 60 days to dispute the cost along with your bank card corporation. ALWAYS move in your bank card corporation first!

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