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Where can I buy a small quantity of gallium?

I have $20 on my paypal, and I want to purchase a gram or two of some gallium. :) Does anyone have some suggestions on where I could buy?

(United Neuculer is supposed to be very overpriced gallium-wise, so I'd prefer somewhere else.)

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    Try ebay. If you don't see anything promising at first, try again in a few weeks - items come and go. United Nuclear's price isn't the best, as you note, but gallium isn't cheap.

    Source(s): - 10g of gallium for ~$30, from the UK. Not the best, so be sure to check back regularly for better listings
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    It's not a question of economics. The reason they buy the smallest quantities available is because they are easier to hide. It is not legal to drink in public in most places, and certainly not allowed at work. They have to be able to hide the bottle or can in a pocket or other not to obvious but readily available place so that they can sneak a drink when they need it to stop the shakes. When they go home they may want to hide it from their families which again means the smaller the container, the easier it is to hide it.

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