how safe is it to send naughty pictures via snail mail?

what are your opinions or ideas about what i should do. yes, i realize theres e-mail. but i really wanna actually send them

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  • zaT
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    1 decade ago
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    Nothing is 100% safe but snail mail would be safer than email in my opinion. Today it's relatively easy to get malware on your computer and have your email hacked. One little click without thinking about it and your private life might not be as private as you thought. Most malware is not out to get your naught pictures but there is still a risk.

    How often do you send this person snail mail and how often does something happen to the letters? If you have sent many letters that has arrived safely and it has never happened anything to them then it's relatively safe. (Not fool proof though.)

    The post office here also have a service where you pay extra but then they guarantee that the letter reaches its destination, and the person you're sending it to will have to sign to get it. Almost as they do with some packages. But I don't know the English name for it or if they have it where you live. You could call you local post office and ask about it.

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