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Who is taking the NFC East in the 09-10 season?

Im goin with the Eagles

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    The G Men got that division sewn up easily as long as their D stays healthy...

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    I'm going to have to say the Eagles, not just because they are my team, but because even after some key losses, they still have the most complete team in the NFC East. Let's take a look at the other three teams in the NFC East.

    Washington has a top 5-10 defense but a **** offense with Jason Campbell running the show.

    The Giants lose their Derrick Ward and Plaxico. Yes I said it. Even though Plaxico was a troublesome fellow, he was the biggest threat on the Giants outside of Brandon Jacobs.

    The Dallas Cowboys are unpredictable. They seem to start the season well but then go downhill. They have a solid team on both sides but Romo has been known as the ultimate choker come December.

    It'll be a good season this year. Can't wait for the start of the season.

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    charges 7-8 Wins Miami 8-10 wins Pats 10-13 wins Jets 3-5 wins Ravens 7-10 wins Steelers 12-15 wins Browns 3-6 wins Bengals 2-4 wins Texans 8-10 wins Colts 10-13 wins Jags 4-6 wins Titans 8-11 wins Broncos 5-7 wins Chiefs 8-9 wins Chargers 8-10 wins Raiders 3-5 wins Cowboys 7-9 wins Giants 9-11 wins Eagles 8-10 wins Redskins 7-10 wins Bears 7-10 wins Lions 2-5 wins Packers 5-8 wins Vikings 6-9 wins Falcons 9-11 wins Panthers 10-13 wins Saints 6-9 wins Bucs 3-5 wins taking part in cards 9-10 wins Niners 7-10 wins Seahawks 6-8 wins Rams 2-5 wins

  • Cowboys

    Source(s): I'm glad everyones picking Philly to win it all because they are wrong every year.
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    Im a redskins fan so i hope the redskins win it but i have to say eagles

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    of course the eagles fan picks the eagles, of course the cowboys fan picks the cowboys.

    You might as well ask you is your favorite team.

    From the stone cold FACTS unbiased I pick the Eagles.

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    i'm going with the Eagles too.

    Wait a minute when is the last time the cowboys have been in the playoffs?

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    Cowboys fan, tell Tony Romo he's the best.

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