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Is it normal to have wide hips if my weight is ideal for my age?

I'm 15, 5'2, and I weigh around 120. but my hips and waist are abnormally wide. I've got fat around my waist, stomach, thighs, etc. does this mean that the weight I'm supposed to have is much less than 120? if that is so, how would I get rid of it?

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    If you've got fat in those places then you could lose it. You are at a healthy weight so as long as you get exercise, you've got nothing to worry about healthwise. However, that fat could still be healthily lost. Just try to get in at least an hour of exercise daily and cut out the unhealthy things in your diet(sugary drinks, soda, chips, fried foods, pizza, candy bars) and you'll burn the fat away guaranteed.

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    120 is a little over than your height, however, girls with wide hips are normal to many. That makes you extra sexy looking as it gives you the hour glass look if you will maintain your weight a little lower than 120.. give it a try 110 or 115..

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    If for anything - you may just want to tone up if you don't feel comfortable.

    It's not like you really could do much for your hips&waist, just because it might just be how your body is built due to genetics.

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    You sound hot, whats the prob??? Mot guys dont like sticks anyways.

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