My husband has a triple E wide foot. He also has flat feet and problems with shin splints. Can anyone help?

I need to find the best shoe for him. I usually buy him new balance which have been the best so far, but because of his flat feet he tends to walk very unbalanced and causes his shin splints. Anyone know where i can buy a shin brace. I have only found them online and he needs them now cause he has to run everyday in the army. Anyone have an idea on what shoes are best and do you know if insoles really work and which ones are best for eee wide flat feet size 12 for men. Please help I am desperate. thankyou!!!

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    Hey April,

    I recommend that your husband see a foot doctor (there should be one on his base). The podiatrist will custom fit his feet to a shoe insert called an orthotic. The orthotic will give him the arch support he needs to help overcome the shin splint pains and alleviate other foot problems he may be experiencing due to his flat feet. I can not stress how important it is that the orthotic be prescribed and dispensed by a podiatrist and not by an over the counter or shoe store salesman. Only a podiatrist or another doctor may prescribe custom made orthotics that will be molded specifically for your husband's feet. All others will cause more pain or just simply not be very effective. And no worries, once he gets used to his orthotics he will not even notice them at all. Hope that helps.

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    I can't answer you your questions the way you asked. But I do have some information for you that may be helpful. I had been wearing the special lifts for my shoes because of no arch. They really hurt more than anything. Then I ran across this exercise that did wonders for me, it brought the arch into my foot that wasn't there before, my foot feels so different since this, 9 months ago.

    While sitting, place a foot in your lap. Take both your thumbs and go to right in front of your heel, the very back of the arch, and press into that area hard, with your thumbs side by side. Press hard and hold.

    Take a deep breath and exhale and don't tense up any part of your body including your arms. let your hands do the work.

    After 30 second or so is when mine just kind of popped up there, so hang on if it hasn't, move his foot up and down slowly and wait.

    For shin splints, they are because of the ligaments in front of your leg.

    With a leg on your lap, take both hands and just above the ball, wrap both hands so that your fingers are right in front. With one set of fingers pull down right next to the bone, one is there, and press the other across the rest of the opening onto the muscle and press in and hold the pressure.

    Relax again.

    After 30 seconds, slowly raise point your foot upward as far as you can.

    Then release the pressure but hold your foot there for one minute.

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    that's straightforward for flat ft to reason soreness on your decrease legs. those with flat ft could have overpronation, which in actuality potential that your ft roll inward too plenty. this suggests that greater weight is positioned on the internal element of your foot, which may bring about soreness there, and likewise radiating upward by using to the decrease leg.

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    Try Birkenstocks. They have built in insets and come in wide widths. The most comfortable shoes ever. And they do have shoes and boots, not just sandals and clogs.

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