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recycling old circuit boards?

for precious metals

im new to the recycling business

i need to know is it worth it

how much man power do i need

how much capital do i need for the start up

the type of equipments needed

and processing time , is it time consuming etc

also tips if u have any

much appreciation


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    In my opinion it is not worth it.In the '90s I recycled many components from circuit boards, and found most of the items were not used again. I found it difficult to locate anybody who were willing to use recycled components as most people prefer to use new components to prevent comebacks.I attempted to obtain TV's and videos etc from the recycling centres but was met by a brick wall(this is before the Kidderminster depot was opened).Sorry to appear so negative,but consumer electronic items are so cheap nowadays that a repair can be more expensive than buying a new item. al

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  • 5 years ago

    I scrap computers too, in Indiana, but I have not had any luck finding anyone who will buy them. I take them to a waste disposal facility here. I'm sure they sell them, but I think they only buy in bulk. At least they don't wind up in a land fill.

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