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I need a guys opinion please!!!?

My bf and I have been together for almost 3 years and the sex is great but I just dont want him wondering. I am very flexible and so he loves it when I dance for him and stuff like that(not gonna go into details;) ) but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to KEEP him happy. I would like a somewhat detailed response. I love him and I dont want him to get bored.


We have done threesomes, role play , sexy outfits and different positions

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    Try watching some porn to get ideas there are Internet sites out there designed for just that. Read erotic stories online. Sexstoriespost. Com is a site with stories. Porn hub.Com is a video site. (no I am not a porn head but I do search occasionally. Just to find out ways to keep my girl happy. Try teasing him more. Find out his fetishes and use them. Is he into any particular positions? Does he like anything particular? If you want more info you can email me. At umm. . . What about if you dress up in sexy outfits and undress him or let him undress you? Like I said want more ideas just email me.

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    if he gets bored because you slow down on the sex and starts to wonder then he is not the right guy he is using you. (maybe it would be helpful if you told us what you were doing to try and spice it up already.)

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    I wouldn't recommend what Chris said, I want more..try more positions, use a dildo, or role-play if you want and try different things.

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    Give him a massage while topless or have a steamy shower with him.

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    watch a movie and cuddle with him.

    Answer mine, please, everyone

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