Would Human-Like People On Another Planet Have Human Nature?

Especially if they were living in a utopian nation with no evil and no suffering, everyone had what they wanted but their actual planet was just like ours.

Plot Twist: They had no religion though and worshiped nobody, yet they knew the truth about the after life....... what would that mean?

Just looking for theories I thought of this question when arguing with a couple people about religion so I want to see what both sides say, atheist and people that worship god, not just believe in god but literally worship him and trust god is the reason for everything bad and satan for everything evil, those people.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "they knew the truth about the afterlife...."

    What afterlife? If there is no God, there is no afterlife.

    Utopian nation assumes that no one works or builds or creates or ever sweats. This is absurd. Unless the work is performed by slaves, who are obviously not part of the utopia, and are never as bright as Newton or Einstein.

    Any postulate or hypothesis about such a folk would be even less convincing than your question.

    Should we assume that they would be content to dissolve and go away? I guess so.

    What? Me worry? Utopia, without religion.

    "Imagine" all you want. There is no utopia, anywhere. And, if Darwin is correct (the only plausible explanation of life on another planet with god nonexistent), then they live and advanced simply because they were more competitive. The "survival of the fittest" biology of chemistry would prevent the hope of utopia, and, with no religion, there would be no restraint to greed and "survival of me".

    Interesting question, though!

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