How do I know if I'm being too clingy?


I'm usually fine with friends but when it comes to guys I've been told I really have a problem...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First of all, not all guys are the same.

    Date one that has similar ideas on how much time they want to spend together.

    Never call a guy, let them call you.

    And, don't ever get the reputation as a bed buddy. Don't sleep with any guy unless he is 100% yours and that guy will not tell you you are too clingy.

    TV tells you guys will like you if you sleep with them but that is not true

    Next time you feel lonely about a guy and want to call him, instead get on you tube and find a new hairstyle, or get a hairbook and try a new hairstyle.

    DOn't pick up that phone.

    Guys will use you for sex even if they don't like you.

    You have to start with the inside as well. Consider some spirituality. Watch some of Madea if you haven't yet. "I can do bad all by myself"

    If your not OK inside your relationship won't work and that goes for him as well.

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