what can i do? my life is falling apart?

my life is basically falling apart..last year i got diagnosed with a disease that will mean i will die before 25 (i am 15 since august 10) ive told no one and asked the doctor to not tell my family. My social skills are crap and my girlfriend is thinking about cutting and everyone keeps coming for me with answers and when i need help i have no one there. i cant go to my family because since my mother tried to commit suicide weve been broken. cant go to my girlfriend because shes already thinking about cutting. i honestly think im just going to give up on life completely.


oh and btw its not curable and me and my bro are pretty much disowned wich is why i didnt tell my perents...just another reason to kik us out

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    dont give up and kill urself or anything cuz if u r going to die beofre ur 25 u mite as wel jsut have fun while u can. and u should seriously talk ur gf out of cutting cuz it turns u into crap. it completly messed up my life and turned into an addiction so tell ur gf shes guna ruin her life if she does tht

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    If the doctor did not tell your family then he is not responsible, because if you were sick all you need now is the help, love and support from them, i'm sorry to know about what you are going through, my God be with you and protect you.

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    thats never a good idea. if youre only 15 how can you dr, not tell your dad. youre still young enough if its a terminal illness your father should know. try some therapy or a group counseling at a church. and take your girlfriend. yall should pray together

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    If you talk to them and tell them you need their support, i dont think they will hurt themselves. they care about you and they would want to know something important like this. This might be the thing they both need to turn their lives around. good luck and im so sorry to hear your news. ill pray for you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's hard to believe that a dr. wouldn't tell your parents.

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