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Do tattoos hurt very bad in the space between your ribs and hip bone on your side?

i have one tattoo already on my back but it was in a spot without any bones near by so i'm worried more about the pain this time around.

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    I got a tattoo on my rib cage down to my hip bone.

    The pain was at its worse on my hip bone, the ribs wasn't too bad and the middle bit didn't hurt alot it was really sensitive to touch though and almost tickled but in an unpleasant way!

    It was definitely worth it and part of the experience of getting a tattoo is the pain so don't numb it!

    Anyway places that numb it aren't really that professional in my opinion!

    Good luck!

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    Space Between Ribs

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    Usually, the pain you get from getting tattooed on the back is more tolerable. As for what kind of pain you might expect from getting a tattoo on the side of the ribs area, for sure this area will become sore faster and most people can handle up to about 2 hours of tattooing on this area. The reason for this is because this area is more sensitive, therefore, certain tattoo artists will recommend a cream or gel or spray to numb that area for their clients if they were to tattoo on it for over 2 hours.

    Some of the more sensitive area that you may feel some pain or discomfort while getting a tattoo would be by the side of the lower neck and lower ear area, wrists, fingers, chest close to the nipple area, under arms, behind the elbows and knees, the ankle areas, the top of the feet, and the lower back by the tail bone area.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your tattoo!

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    I simply acquired a small phrase on my part/ribs a pair days in the past, and of path it hurts a bit of, however a few places will harm greater than others. When the tattoo artist first began it slightly harm, however towards the top and the bigger up at the rib, it harm alot, however its sooo valued at it! Good Luck!

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    It will be more or less the same, the ribs can be a little bit tender, but if you made it through your first one, you'll make it through the next one. Unfortunately it's impossible to gauge pain levels from one person to the next, everyone reacts differently. But there's no need to worry, just get a good nights sleep before hand, eat before you go in, bring some chocolate or coke to prevent any lightheadedness, stay calm and you'll be fine!

    Best of luck with it.

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