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how long does my hair have to be in order to do a french braid?

i wanna do 2 french braids on both sides of my head. apparently my hair is about 5 inches approximately and i grew it for about 10 months so far. is it long enough to work? how much inches of hair would u recommended to do french braids?

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    you should let it grow out for at least 2 years. that way you have a foot long worth of hair to work with and it would go all the way back of your head.

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    Braids provide further wavy hair than curly. One will artwork nonetheless you'll be able to have straighter facets and the "curls" will most likely be better, further wavier because the braid is thicker. In grade 8 I most commonly wore my hair in a low, unfastened detail braid: first tease the beneath of your hair on the facets and inside the once more, moment grasp 3 strands and make a unfastened braid that leans to no less than one detail of your head, 3rd enable shorter hairs inside the doorway on each and every facet snatch loosely out of the braid so that it looks messy nonetheless as although it was once as soon as supposed to be messy. If you could like, curl those dangling quantities.

  • You can do braids easy on short hair you just have to know how to braid. My hair is about 3 inches long and it goes up fine in two french braids

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    hmmm.. I say grow it a bit longer maybe 7 inches would be okay

    Source(s): French braiding my hair since age 7
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