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My mom is being very mean to me :(?

Well..She looses her anger very easily and she is a freak.

Today , my brother (11) went through my bag for school, and took everything out and ripped it up so I jumped on him and I started hitting him then I started crying hard.

Then my grandad comes in and grabs me with his arm very tightly and tried to force me off the couch to get me to my room but I yelled LET GO OF ME.

and he did.

then my mom came in, and had a plate of grapes I left in her bedroom I forgot to take out and started screaming at me about me hitting him , then took the grapes and squished them in my face and body then threw the food I left in there at me.

Then she started to hit me, and tried to pull me off the couch but I didn't let her. she kept calling me a pig and lots of other stuff.

while my brother just sat there laughing at me crying and getting hurt.

I just wanted to tell some random strangers because it makes me feel better kind of.

Thanks for listening.


I cant live with my dad or any family because my dad hits me, nana can't afford to keep me and my aunt lives in a different country.

But I don't want to live in a foster home either. :(

My mom treats my brother like royalty.

and pps ,

Im 13.


I tried talking to her and tried to stop the fighting but all she does is put on a witch face and goes ,

"Shut the **** Up and **** off. Youre so annoying "

Update 2:

I ate in there because , my brother was watching tv in the living room and so I went to my moms room to watch tv, and I was eating grapes so I brought em in there.

Update 3:

I ate in there because , my brother was watching tv in the living room and so I went to my moms room to watch tv, and I was eating grapes so I brought em in there.

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    what a funny story, that would make great reality tv!

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    Wait until she's in a good mood, then talk to her (be sure not to say anything rude or offensive), maybe you could both go to therapy together, if that doesn't work you should NOT just let it happen, call CPS because having an abusive parent(s) can screw you up for life, even after that I would suggest that you go to therapy (yes I know you didn't do anything wrong) so that you can make sure that no lasting damage is done to you. It's extremely unlucky that you have a family like you described, but you cannot let them screw you over, you have to take the initiative to help yourself and ensure that you can live a healthy and happy life. I repeat, do NOT sit by and let this continue.

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    Oh My Gosh! Im so sorry! What she is doing to you isnt right! You need to tell someone other than your family. Like a friends parent or someone at your school. Hun you shouldnt have to live like that! You deserve better! Trying to act perfect wont help cause she will ALWAYS find a fault in something your doing so thats pretty pointless. Its not you thats in the wrong its her! You really do need to tell someone!

    I hope everything works out for you hun!

  • Oh, I'm sorry! Gosh, I wish I could help you. But I guess if you really want to get everything sorted out... You could be the PERFECT daughter for a while (a few weeks) be really quite, don't leave a mess, do things with out being told. You'll get back at your brother and your mom might be surprised!

    No problem ;)

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    Holy jesus.

    I have no idea what to say.

    I would tell you to get out of there, because your family seems like a crazy bunch of assholes, pardon my french.

    That's really scary.

    I got the same thing when I was younger. Finally the parents grew out of it. But that is just sad, and scary.

    I would just say get out of there, talk to school counselors and get out.

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    do you have a close friend who's parents will allow you to stay with them? you will of course have to clean up after yourself and tidy up and help out around the house though. It's not cool that your mom loses her temper like that! have you tried offering to help out around the house? and why are you eating in your moms room in the first place?

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    If my mom did that I would shoot her but for you I suggest when you and your brother is home kick your brother to near death and call CPS or 911 and say that your mother is abusing you.

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    That sucks. My grandmother used to treat my brother like royalty and treated me like I was not her grandkid. I feel so bad for you. If I could snap my fingers to make it all better I would.

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    I think you should call CAPS for child abuse.

    If you have a school councellor, you could see them and talk to them about it. They might be able to do something, and it's completely confidential.

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    Well it certainly did not help that YOU started hitting him first. Sounds like you all have problems.

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