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Polaroid TV screen went half black and now won turn back on?

The TV was fine until i woke up, then the bottom of the screen was black and the top was fine...I turned it off then tried to turn it back on and it wont turn back on. Why is it doing this? Is there anything i can try?

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    I purchased a 40" Polaroid TV in December 2006 from circuit city.This Polaroid TV started to make buzzing sounds so loud that you couldn't hear the programs.After contacting circuit city I found out that after you walk out the door they wash their hands of any problems. I contacted Polaroid in may 2007.

    Polaroid had sent me to 2 TV repair shops from may to September 2007. Neither shop could repair this TV for lack of parts from Polaroid. I had been on the phone with Polaroid every few weeks to try and get my TV fixed without any help.Finally in October 2007 Polaroid told me to ship this TV back through Fedex and I would receive a refund within 30 days. I have been on the phone every few weeks and get a different story. They claim the TV was never received. I faxed them a copy of the receipt from Fedex, that was signed by a Polaroid person. Then they tell me oh yes we received everything. I still continue to wait after 7 months of being without a TV. It is now December 2007 and I just had to fax a copy of my receipt and the Fedex form. My next step will have to be the attorney general. This is no way to do business.

    I will never purchase a Polaroid product in the future.

    Buy New but not Poloaroid

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    well you could try calling Polaroid and talk to A tech person about your tv and tell them what did happen to your tv this morning and tell them everything that's not right with your tv.

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