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How do I turn my old clothes from my own closet without spending a dime into a new trend and new clothes?


I love designing clothes and i want to start doing that type of stuff.

But sadly I cant afford material I only have a needle with some thread and my clothes form my closet. So how do I turn my old clothes into new clothes and a new trend that looks good and unique? Help please!

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    OMG!! for shirtzz. taks a plain maybe black shirt and old shirts you dont like to much. if the leftover hated shirts have patterns own it cut out pathches of each shirt and sew it in a crissed crossed way to the black shirt. or you can have a plain black shirt and cutout patches.. cut holes that look like scrath marks in the shirt and turn the shirt insideout so you can sew it in from the inside of the shirt so it looks like its 2 shirts. even better is ita a black tank top b.c you can cut the collar part of and so it hangs off your shoulder and on the oue it hands off of cut a line of a design off it and sew it on.

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    Hello xxepcxx,

    I also love designing clothes. Without spending lots of money long old sleeves u can cut into short sleves tank tops and jeans you can cut into shorts or even capris. Once you have cut your old clothes you can use the extra material for headbands braclets or even patches on clothes. you can do many things with old clothes. write me back if you need more help.I make braclets out of string too there really cool.

    Hope this helped.. (=

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  • Well you can get some clothes you're not gonna wear anymore and just add some stuff to your clothes. Like a pocket or the rim of your shirt collar! It would look soo cool! Hope I helped! :)

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    If you can not afford material I would try going to thrift stores and buying large men's suit shirts or women's dresses with bold colors and patterns. It will give your clothing a unique vintage look if it is made right. Sometimes these thrift stores they even have vintage scarves with cool patterns! :D

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    you might wanna try reading some magazines, they have really good mini tutorials on things like that.

    ripped jeans & bleached jeans are in, try these tutorials!

    oh & there are some realllly cheap miley & max clothes in walmart, $12 for a really cute shirt and some shirts are even $6.

    hope i helped(;

  • Cut up your clothes, and sew them together to create a unique look.

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    You can try mix and matching. You can also try layering your clothes.

    If you really want to get into the designing try buying inexpensive patches and buttons.

    Good luck!

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    all the brands look the same. pretty much you can try adding shapes and stuff I guess

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    what i do is get a good hat and add little things to it

    i also grab a scarf that matches

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    Definitely use a lot of accessories!!!!

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