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My 3yr old son tenses up on the potty, how do we get him not too?

We have tried everything to get him to relax. From bribes to money to nothing. We put him on the potty VERY often. When he see himself go on the potty he tenses up and stops. He only goes when he's not on the potty and not thinking about it. He knows when he needs to go and we put him on the potty when he says he needs to go but he still can't until after he gets off the potty. He has control and can hold it for hours.


He gets very excited when he goes on the potty and wants to tell everyone. We don't use pull-ups, he regressed alittle today to where he's not tellign us anymore cause we had to use pull-ups for school. Talked to the school now no more at school either.

Update 2:

money worked yesterday. yesterday and this morning he would sit on the potty. Now if he doesn't do anything right away he wants to jump off, like he's too busy. Maybe I'm taking him too much.

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    Your going to go bankrupt to your son, at this rate. 2 or 3 M&M's is the highest you should go. Or a weekly reward, up to 2 weeks. Have you tried leaving him in the bathroom alone to go? He might have a case of stage fright. Have him try going at the same time daddy does on the big potty. Try having him look at a book and he might not even think about it and go while looking at his book. Just keep trying new things and before long he will get it and go without even telling you until after the fact. Also try cheerios or something like that in the toilet. Keep a bowl on the back of the toilet and let him drop 2 or 3 in before he goes. Give him something to aim at. Good luck

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    money wont help. when hes on it make him laugh or have him stay there until he does

    if it dosent work just leave him in there and say dont get off it. he might be nervous with people there

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