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Too late to change bunny? HELP?

I'm buying a bunny soon, and went to look at some at a ladies house. The owner didn't know anything about bunnies, and didn't seem to even like them too much. Their living conditions also seemed not so great. Holding one, it stayed and didn't struggle for a couple minutes, every once in a while biting me, and eventually started scratching me..making me bleed.

People say that how much attention/affection a rabbit gets when it's younger will make quite the difference on it's personality.

I guess what I'm asking is, is that personality permanent?

Most animals that were neglected and what not, can be nurtured, and you gain their love & trust. Do you think that'll work in this case, and does it work with bunnies?

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    Be careful who you buy from! Rabbits from uncaring and unclean breeders can have snuffles. It is also known as pasteurella. Rabbits that have may or may not show upper respiratory problems like a runny nose but it doesn't always show! It's one of those things that can hide until the bunny is stressed and then it can kill them before you even know what is wrong. Here is a link that you can look at-

    Source(s): have owned bunnies for 20 years!
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    No it isn't permanent, as long as you spend time With it and are patient it'll be fine with you. The person probably didn't expect the babies so doesn't like them. The kindest thing you could do if you liked the rabbit is to take it away from the not so nice owner.

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    Yes if you gain it's trust when it's young, it will bond with you. And it will be a calmer bunny as it grows knowing it has your trust and love.

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