38 weeks n my dr still will not check my cervix or even feel my stomach?

Evry week she says next week even the hospital said she should check it as they told me I was 1cm @36 weeks how do I tell if I progressed I want to know why and when is she going to check me and why not I'm worried about my unborn son


I tested positive for group b strep plus I'm allergic to penicllin n have a whole in my stomach(born with it) I been leaking extra discharge but all she says is go 2 the hospital then if it bothers u and they say its not labor go see your dr

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    All doctors are different, but it sounds like in your case josephine is right.

    My doc wasn't going to check me until this week (40th week). I was asked if I wanted checked, but it is not routine for him.

    It is exciting to find out how dilated you are - but it is no indication of anything. Your doc should comply with your request though.

  • CMU
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    The only thing I can say is that if you, as the mother are requesting to be checked, and your dr won't check you, you should ask to see a different dr. Having a baby is not a medical condition, and you are ultimately the one who should be calling the shots, not your dr. That is ridiculous that you aren't getting the care you desire. You deserve more... Get a second opinion... Good luck! Sorry you've had difficulties with your dr... That's why I LOVE having a midwife! (I'm also delivering at home, so I'll be calling ALL the shots!) God bless you! PS... Don't worry too much about the baby... He should be fine unless you've felt pain or have been bleeding or something just feels wrong.

    Source(s): Mama to 14 month old son. 36w 5d pregnant with baby boy #2!
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    you have all the right to want to be checked. especially if you feel worried. i was 1cm for almost 4 weeks though. probably nothing to worry about. but your doc should be feeling your stomach all the time. i dont think i ever went to the doctor my whole pregnancy and not had my stomach checked. insist the next time you go. dont be scared to speak up. if your doc is still being dumb about it ask to talk to another doctor in the office if there is one.

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    get a new doctor!!

    you deserve to have a rough idea of how far along you are in the labor process. my doctor checks growth, weight, position, and dilation EVERY WEEK.

    if you feel like your OB doesn't care, maybe give her one more chance and if she still seems passive, find a new doctor. you need to do what you feel is best for you and baby.

    congrats and good luck!

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  • violet
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    1 decade ago

    There's no need to check it... what are you so concerned about? Even if you're partially dialated or effaced - it has NO indication of when labour will come. Many women are up to 3cm dialated for the whole last month and it's completely normal.

    Source(s): Mother of 2 & 22wks pregnant
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    Usually Dr's starting checking at 37 weeks. I would def ask your dr why you aren't being checked, and tell them you want to be checked!

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    tell her to again more than once in the appt if you have to. If you ask for something and you want it done they should and would normally abide by your wishes.

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