Is 3,550$ a good amount of money to have at the age of 18?

people tell me that theres people out there who worked there hole life and dont even have that much to show not even half.. so im feeling a lil better about me self.. i work a part time job but other then my phone bill and gas for my car i have nothin else to pay. except when i take the ladys out. lol

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    Are you living at home rent free? mommy and daddy paying for your insurance on your car and car payments? I wish that is all the "'living expense" I had was gas and a phone bill. I could save a big chuck of money if I didn't to pay rent, utilities, auto insurance, grocery bill, phone bill and the rest of the cost of living expense alone.

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    That is good. I agree with Sean. Keep your self a cushion, it will make hard times not so hard. I would advise you not to get more than one or two credit cards in the future. You will only be asking for trouble. Right now is the best time ever to have some money to fall back on. With jobs the way they are now. At the very least take that money and make it hard for your self to get. Like putting in an account and not getting a debit card so that way you won't have impulse spending. You are have a good start on things so keep it up.

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    Is not bad. I suggest you put it away from now and keep using whatever income you are getting if any. It's always a good idea to have some cushion in case something comes up.

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    That's really good for 18. At 18 I had $200 in my bank account lol. I didn't have a job though, just went to college and that's it. Now that I'm out, I'm banking :D

    You'll be in good shape if you keep it up. Invest it wisely.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sure Is ! -But WATCH those "lady's..." -If THEY find out you're Good for over 3 Grand, you won't have it for Long !!! :)

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