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Depression from a cruise!?

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Sup, im 14 just got back from a 5day cruise about a week ago... Omg let me tell you! Best time i have EVER, EVER EVER EVER had in my entire life. It was insane! The cruise was normal, mexico, normal. I just met about 30 awesome people that i got to be very very close with and about 15 of them were girls... Now i liked about 5 girls, and one special girl i liked a little more. Well anyways every night on the cruise we dance for hours all of us just great friends hanging out having the time of there life!!! It was crazy i was king of the dance floor and grinded eeee''rrrr one.. except for guys im not like that. Well we did that for 5 nights and when we were done partying we would chill around the cruise talking having more of an awesome time! One night we even stayed out all night and fell sleep at the paris lounge at 8 and woke up 1 hour later to find our shoes were gone!! hahah we went to the mini golf course and there they were!! We never went back to our room that night, morning, afternoon, or evening, except to eat dinner. Well then the day we left i got some of the kids numbers and stuff so im texting them when we leave... now a week later it is super depressing when i think about the cruise... uhm excuse me how to i rewind time? Lol, how do i stop this depression though! I mean how wouldy ou like it to meet 30 of which seems coolest people on earth (im the coolest)then out of the blue be ripped away from them NEVER talking to most of them again. I am a very popular kid in school with decent grades A's and B's... I'm also never depressed... but, this is just sooooo depressing that its hard to breathe. Wow i feel so stupid writing this now cuz i feel like some emo kid... well im not im a really cool kid just wondering how i can get rid of this depression about the cruise?!?!?!?? SSOOOO ANNOYING.... mmmk wow now i feel better, but w/e still if it comes back. Wow if im emo by college ima kill myself... OH **** I AM EMO! no, no im j/p

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    its you thinking how the cruise is better suit for your life once you got home so just have fun, go to you friends house, play some rocking games online with friends, and text your new friends so you can realize that life is fun at all until a certain point that you have to make it fun for yourself

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    I took a 7 day cruise about 2 years ago (It was the best time of my life!). I understand what you mean about being depressed. I think its because you were on the cruise away from troubles, worries, stress, away from the "real-world". And now you are back to your regular normal life. The cruise allowed you to feel a different type of fun and freedom, that you just don't want to let go of. But afterwhile you will get out of your depression. In the mean time, just think positive. Go do something you enjoy. Look at pictures if you took any. And start planning to go on another cruise in the future. : )

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    well, it's normal to be upset cuz I went to Cancun in Mexico last summer and I became friends with this really cool girl who I had alot in common with and we still talk even though she's states away she's like 1 of my best friends. so dont worry it happens to a lot of people so dont feel like your the only person thats upset cuz i'm sure the friends you made are upset too.

    and DO NOT diss us Emos we're people too and we can be pretty damn awesome.

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    u dont seem depressed. ur just upset tht the cruise is over. stop freaking out over being emo or whateer cuz if u were depressed u wouldnt care about being emo

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