Major Back Pain...Can You Help?

Yesterday, I was trying to get a small exercise thing out from beside my bed and I twisted oddly (the machine is a little on the heavy side too). Right away I had really bad pain in my upper back, right between my shoulder blades. I have no idea if I just put out my back or if I actually pulled/ripped something. Either way, it's killing me any time i move my head to either side...or move at all.

Any suggestions other than going to the doctor on how to fix it or make it better?

Anything would be helpful.

Oh and I'm 18 if that helps anything.


The reason why I can't go to the doctor is because I currently have no medical insurance.

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    hey there I weight train on a regular basis and all the time when I lift heavy for my back I start having rhomboid pain which is the muscle right between the shoulder blades. I too thought I pulled something but it just so happens that I found out they are just inflammed. Here go the solutions that helped me.

    1. Take an anti inflammitory for temporary pain relief

    2. Order online a foam roller and use it 5-10 min a day.

    This is a cheap fix and trust me it works.

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    You really can't diagnose this kind of thing over the internet, but I would use a warm compress on it to ease the pain. However, remember that any time a back injury is even a remote possibility, you should see a doctor. I would at least give your doc a call and explain your symptoms.

    Source(s): Red Cross certified in first aid.
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