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Help With Vaginal Problems?

I am 17 years old and unfortunatly lost my virginity, intoxicated. It was a one night stand. I abstained from sex in the past month however, intoxicated, particpated in the action once again two nights ago. This person was much... bigger... than my first. I was intoxicated so the pain was not near as bad as it would have been sober. Anyways, when I got home I realized I had bleed A LOT. I got a mirror and did some investigating. Just barley on the inside of my hole is a small knot you cannot see, but only feel and next to it there is a very painful cut. What could have caused this? Is this normal? What precautions should I take to heal this? Is there something that is actually wrong with me? It only hurts when I mess with it (Spred it apart like any cut would) and sometimes when I use the restroom. I am so sorry, I don't really know who to ask. As I minor I can't see a doctor on my own and... my mother does not know.

Doctors and nurses as well as someone very informed on the subject is preferred for answers. Also, anyone with personal experience as well. Thank you everyone. Again, I am sorry for the question.


Thank you to everyone who contributed. I understand that I should not sleep around. I knew all the people I slept with. Alcohol just really effects me which makes it east for me to be used. I had not drank in 3 months up untill the night I lost my virginity. Then I did drink a few times after that but with the girls only up until two nights ago when one boy joined and I ended up being left alone. I understand my mistakes fully, I plan on at least waiting for someone who cares about me. Becoming "pure again" is also option... it is just hard because sex is deffinatly fun.

Update 2:

Oh- One more question! Can I shave? Is that actually better for my vagina in this situation? What product should use to keep it extremely clean, any suggestions?

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    dang girl, you sure get drunk and sleep around a lot, but go see a doctor and a psychiatrist about your addiction to sex with strangers

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    You might have a vaginal tear. It could be minor, it might not be. Or it could be that the first time you had sex your hymen wasn't completely broken, and the second time it was. It could also be a combination of the two.

    First I want to say that I hope you used protection. Being intoxicated and having sex isn't the safest of situations. Also, I hope that you do not do this again.

    Sex is a wonderful thing that should be shared with someone you care about and actually cares about you. I don't want to lecture you, but please you need to make better choices in the future as doing what you are doing can have a very negative impact on your future.

    Also, please see a doctor, you are supposed to see an OBGYN after you first have sex or when you turn 18. You are close enough to 18, that I'm sure you can make up some excuse as to why you want to see the OBGYN, or you can go to your local planned parenthood as they can do a regular check up for you.

    It is important to have this done because if you indeed have a tear you want to make sure that it is healing correctly and does not get infected, which could lead to problems later down the road. I know you may feel right now that what you are doing is fun, and you might even feel empowered by it, but please those guys who would have sex with you while you are drunk don't deserve to look at you, let alone touch you. You owe it to yourself to find partners who actually care for you and vice versa. Don't rack up a bunch of partners because when you meet the love of your life, you will really wish that you had less. Also, sex is just better sober.

    Be careful in the future.

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    It's normal for rough sex or a large partner to cause small cuts or swelling of the vagina. I've never heard of any need for treatment. If it is a small cut, just try to not touch down there and definitely don't have sex again until it heals. If it is still not making progress after a week or so, find a way to see a doctor. But for now, just leave it alone to heal.

    Some friendly advice - you referred to both the times you had sex as if they were mistakes. I think the real mistake was drinking around people you didn't trust to help you not make bad decisions. I am not judging you for drinking or even saying you shouldn't. Just be careful who you drink around. Hopefully you were using protection, too.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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    Well let me be your mom for a minute though it doesn't matter now since it already happened but my rule of thumb is: Never do anything you would be ashamed to tell your mom (dad is another story lmao). And never go somewhere where you could drunk if there is no friend you could rely on to not let you do something stupid.

    Now onto your question and I hope you are serious. Whenever dealing with someone who is larger than you and you are unprepared, I.E. not lubricated, you risk your vagina being torn. It sounds like you got torn pretty bad and I hope you used a condom! Having tears exposes your body to be more vulnerable to STDs. Keep your vaginal area clean and DO NOT HAVE SEX UNTIL IT HEALS. More than likely you will end up with a yeast infection but maybe not. I got my first yeast infection this year (I'm 19) messing with someone who was larger than I was in the mood for and he was not even able to get in, really it hurt so bad and caused tears and bam my first annoying yeast infection.

    I would tell you to see a doctor but I see that won't happen for ya and I can understand making mistakes and being scared but remember...rule of thumb. Hopefully this will be a lifelesson for you and you will be more careful with your Vag. Hopefully a yeast infection is the least of your worries. But hey, if you get one and it's your first one, you have an excuse to go to the doctor (all the OTC meds say to see a doc for 1st ones), and yeast infections could happen for no reason at all other than you got more bacteria than necessary. But keep in mind that because you are still techinically a minor your doctor can discuss things with your parents. I'm not sure about 17 year olds and if they differ, so good luck

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    honestly it sounds like you lost your virginity LOL

    when i had sex the first couple of times i bleed.

    He may have fingered you to hard or it was rougher sex then the first time you did it. You should protect yourself when your having sex tho if you did not use a condum you may have gotten an std and if there is a cut on your vaginal walls its easier for the infection to get into your blood stream.

    Anyway goood luccck ♥

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    You CAN go to a clinic as a minor. I did when I was your age... there should be a clinic in your area that helps minors who are sexually active. Thats what we had in my city, and it was COMPLETELY confidential... my parents did not have to know. If you are sexually active you need to have a doctor, especially if you are having multiple partners.

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    it sounds as if he just ripped u a little bit...which is normal....though most states do have a health department....where usually u dont need parent permission to see a u might look into that....just to be sure...and for future incidents...

    EDIT: my hubby has ripped me many times...never had to see a doc about it...just leve it be and it should heal...mmake sure it stays clean so u dont get an infection

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    ouch... that sounds very painful. I suggest maybe putting some neosporin on the cut, using your fingers, of course.This will relieve some of the pain and help it heal a lot faster. Good luck!

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    If you can't control what you do when you drink, then you have a drinking problem. You need to stop drinking. Period. Stop now while you're able to.

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    You just tore a little its normal it'll go away just use a pantyliner til it stops.

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