Conservatives, do you still think spending money on this would be stupid?

When Eisenhower left office in 1962, 9.5 percent of our annual budget was spent on infrastructure. Today its barely 2 percent and more than 70,000 bridges along with many schools, roads and 127 levies are rated as 'structurally deficient. The 54 year old TappanZee bridge that crosses the Hudson river was designed for 50 years and is a disaster waiting the happen with rust corroding the steel everyday.

I have read many a post criticizing Barrack Obama and his "projects" as wasteful and stupid. Another example is when money was to be spent on the study of Bees disappearing. Bees...that pretty much pollinate a bunch of plants that are essential to humans.

Why is it that politics comes before common sense with Conservatives, regardless of who you may or may not like in political office. How can you not support spending money on such 'Projects'?


prusa123: Actually only 2 percent was allocated because republicans wanted less to go to infrastructure.

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    I agree that this should be a bipartisan issue and should be

    addressed soon, we know what happened at Minneapolis

    with their bridge and if we can't understand the seriousness

    of losing our bee population on our food supply, then there

    is little hope in understanding much else. The infrastructure

    of a country will deteriorate and must be repaired and we all

    know we have to eat, you have no quarrel with us on this matter, but when we are being forced whether or no on our

    health care issues and when complete areas are shut down due to Cap and Trade restrictions and our jobs and living

    standards are compromised against us, we will quarrel with you all day long!

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    Obama's stimulus bill of 760 billion or so dollars could have been used for this worthy purpose, but instead only 7 or 8 percent of that will actually be used for infrastructure. The bee study you cite is useful but so much of the stimulus just isn't. We just don't have this kind of money to waste. I wish it had been a lot more roads and bridges type of stimulus.

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    I'm a Democrat, and I think Obama's projects are wasteful and stupid, not because the idea, but his shovel ready guidelines. Here in Massachusetts, we have a number of bridges in disrepair. I think the number of bridges that failed inspections was something like 2 dozen, but because it is required that the money go to shovel ready projects, 1 bridge is getting repaired, and it isn't even one that was listed on the dangerous list.

    Shovel ready around here means they were basically ready to go, and already funded, so all Obama did was give us money to pay for already funded projects in the works, and the money we had set aside to pay for them was then diverted to help pay off the big dig and such.

    Our taxes were raised anyway, alcohol, tobacco, gas, and sales taxes were all increased, and no new jobs were created, in fact unemployment kept going up.

    So yes, I think Obama's projects idea was a bad one.

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    While they are away fact checking I just wanted to say, Great point! The conservative can not grasp the trickle down effect. Rather than give many to projects that will spread the wealth to those who will put it back in the system, they think lets give it to a CEO who has failed to be profitable and pocketed millions/billions so he can pay large bonus to his top ten, who will place it in an offshore account contributing to less money circulating.

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    So if you are in favor of increasing spending on infrastructure to 9.5 percent from 2 percent, what do you propose we cut by 7.5 percent?

    Source(s): Or are Bees > Bridges?
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    This is what our fuel taxes Federal and State are supposed to go for. Where do you think that money is. In Ca. I know the Democrats took it and put it in the General Fund and spent it on pet projects.

    I will agree with you on the Bees. They are important to agriculture and a disease is wiping them out.

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    No I don't and I doubt you will find many Conservatives that do, we don't mind our taxes going to infrastructure, public protection, education, we just don't want to be overly taxed to support wasteful programs and supporting illegals and people that refuse to work because they are lazy.

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    When bush came into office there was a surplus, which he gave to big oil. What a brilliant idea his economic policies were. They lead to this awful recession that the right wing for some reason blames on the Democrats. It's quite funny actually when it started under the Hoover..I mean Bush administration.

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    "...Why is it that politics comes before common sense with Conservatives..."

    Oh, I see...only liberals have common sense and never concern themselves with politics. Don't look now but your narrow-minded national view is showing.

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    How about spending efficiently. That would be a new concept for big government.

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