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Must help please help!!?

im going to a new school this year the new trend is skinny jean but i got alll flair all my friend got skinny and flats i got flair andflats mom wont let me return them helppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat do i do b4 school starts

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  • You don't have to wear skinny jeans just becuase it's the new trend even thought alot of people do (me). But maybe if you have time you can sew them and make them skinny. But it will take some time. Hope I helped!

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    make them into skinny jeans.

    you can get them fixed or

    sew them yourself

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    Seriously, while you may think it's a big deal, it really isn't. No one will notice.

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    u will look diffrent so dont worry

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