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How can I get married at 16?

okay so my boyfriend is 22 he'll be 23 in october, im 16. me and him want to get married and move in together. We've been dating for almost a year now. I love in Oklahoma, and i don't really know all the rules and whatnot.. i think i have to be emancipated but i don't really want to do that to my dad, but my dads not okay with me and him dating..


I want a way out of my house but still be okay with my dad.

what do i do?

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    Sorry, there is no way. Plus, you don't wanna get married at 16. It's probably not what you want to hear, but it almost certainly won't last. :S

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    Well, firstly, that is a rather big step considering you're only 16, but if you cant be dissuaded from this course of action, I highly recommend speaking to your parents (even if you get a negative response).

    For advice on the procedures behind actually getting married at 16 in Oklahoma, I recommend talking to a lawyer or something along those lines, but I think http://marriage.about.com/cs/marriagelicenses/p/ok... should inform you of the basics.

    I also strongly urge you to be sure that this is a wise long-term decision. I don't mean to question your judgement, but at 16 many of us aren't exactly grounded enough to make these kinds of decisions.

    If you don't feel like you can discuss this issue with you parents at all a trusted grandparent is a good idea; or a professional who offers counseling in these matters; or a friend who is calm, reasonable, intelligent, and out of high school. Any of those individuals could give you sound third-party advice.

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    Why would you get married at such a young age? It makes no sense. Your dad can have your BF put in jail for trying to marry you. How do you know if he will even stick around? Wait until your twenties to get married, if he really loves you he won't have a problem with waiting a few years. After all, what is a few years when you have your "whole life" to look forward to? I don't think this marriage will work but who knows maybe he will stick around. But seriously he sounds creepy, what college guy dates a girl 6 years younger than him? eww.

    Source(s): 16 yr old girl who doesn't plan on marrying until she can fully support herself!!!
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    Go ask the police to tell the bad man to go away.

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    Wait until you are 18. Your dad can have him arrested. You are jail bait, sweetie!

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    You can't. Sorry, wait it out, but if you need to, seek help to be able to deal with your father.

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    2more years ur good togo!! if u movein with him now ur dad could land ur boyfriend in deepshyt!

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    Too young.

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    Marriage is stupid.

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