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PHYSICS: A person looking at a building on top of which an antenna is mounted?

The horizontal distance between the person’s eyes and the building is 90.4 m. In part a the person is looking at the base of the antenna, and his line of sight makes an angle of 34.5o with the horizontal. In part b the person is looking at the top of the antenna, and his line of sight makes an angle of 37.1o with the horizontal. How tall is the antenna?

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    height of building above person's eye =H

    height of antenna = h

    a) tan (34.5) = H/90.4

    b) tan (37.1) = (H+h)/90.4

    h = 90.4 tan (37.1) - H

    h = 90.4 [tan (37.1) - tan (34.5)]

    h = 90.4 [0.7563 - 0.6873]

    = 6.24 meter

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    Ha = 90.4*(tan37.1° - tan34.5°) = 6.239 m

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