Do you think blink 182 will reschedule saratoga concert?

i bought tickets for the saratoga concert today (31st of august) and after waiting an hour and a half in line and being the 5th in line.. the SPAC staff came out when the gates were to be opened and announced that Blink 182 was not performing due to a emergancy call... they said you can go in and watch Weezer and Chester French instead or leave and get a reefund... do you think blink 182 will reschedule for a later date?

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  • Jimmy
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    1 decade ago
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    The way I see it, since the rest of the show still went on as scheduled, they won't reschedule the concert to a later date. If the whole concert was called off (like the Coldplay concert at SPAC earlier in the summer), then it would make more sense to reschedule the show. But since the concert itself still technically happened, I don't see them coming back around with opening bands, etc. and doing, in effect, a "second concert", with new tickets and everything.

    Also, the SPAC concert season is winding down and there probably wouldn't be any time for a rescheduled performance at that venue. And blink-182's got their schedule all booked up for the remainder of the tour.

    So, again, if you want to see blink, you'd probably have to go to a different show (out of state) or wait until they come back around (next year, the year after, who knows?).

    If blink DOES drop by Saratoga (or even Albany or something) at the end of their tour to make it up to the fans, it would be a really sweet move. But I don't expect that to happen.

  • 1 decade ago

    Doesnt seem likely, sorry bro. Id go with the refund personally, and maybe catch Blink on their next tour. I saw em last Thursday in Camden, just before AM passed, and they did a killer show. Weezer kicked *** too, though they wouldn't have been worth staying for, like I said I would get that refund, and dont worry Im sure they'll be back round soon enough on a different tour.

  • Sorry but no. I was actually in the area recently and other bands are playing there so probably not. But on the good side, there is an awesome record shoppe that sells classic vinyls and clothes. =]

    EDIT- Yeah you should get a refund...

  • ortis
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    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    okay this is what i herd no promises but later on this year they will be coming to the times union center in albany but if they do get your tickets fast they WILL sell out

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