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Would Universal Health Care be good or bad for America? How would it affect us? What are the pros and cons?

basically i want to know the good side and the bad side, with reference or sources if you have any, please be as detailed as possible. Thanks!

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    1) No one would have to go bankrupt because of medical bills. Medical bills are the number-one cause of personal bankruptcies in America, and most of those people had insurance when they got sick!

    2) You would not lose your health insurance if you lose your job.

    3) You would not have to get approval from your insurance company for medical treatment.

    4) In countries with universal health care, you can freely choose your own doctor. No "in-network" and "out-of-network" like we have here.

    5) It would ease the burden on large companies that provide health benefits, and make it easier for small companies to compete for talent.

    6) If it's done right, it would be cheaper and more efficient than our current system.


    1) Some wealthier people might have to pay more than they do now.

    2) Insurance company CEOs might have to get by on $2 million a year instead of $20 million.

    3) We already have a shortage of primary care physicians. This problem would become worse with universal health care, and needs to be addressed.

    4) If it's not done right, it could be even more costly and inefficient than our current system.

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    i'm a hundred% for customary well-being Care. i'm specific that Hilary gets it performed whilst she takes place of work next January. I quite have been with my "husband" for 7 years now yet we can not get married through fact he has any such good type of well-being subjects ideal to over $200,000 in medical debt on his credit rfile. If we get a bite of paper pointing out that we are legally married i would be to blame for all of that debt whilst he's long gone, which he would be formerly me little question. If this usa had a well-being care gadget that worked this does not be an argument and shall we've our dream wedding ceremony. in spite of the undeniable fact that it is going to proceed to be a dream and by no skill a actuality for us. through this I quite have had a hard time with some church homes we've been to at the instant. they seem judgemental approximately us no longer being married yet residing at the same time. I quite desire that as quickly as my toddlers a grown they do no longer could desire to stay in a rustic as large as ours and experience like they can't marry the guy they prefer to spend something of their lives with through fact the fee of medical debt is purely too lots to undergo. yet another element of this well-being care situation is that my toddlers and that i are no longer insured. i won't see a Dr. and that i purely desire and pray that my teenagers do no longer fall ill through fact it may injury us extraordinarily. there is not any excuse for the USA of a no longer masking its electorate with medical coverage. i'm uncertain that Hilary's plan is what i could do in spite of the undeniable fact that it is the only decision we've for our human beings. it quite is the twenty first century and all of us should be coated.

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    ill say no to universal health care, it's only look good on paper. Nothing is free, so to pay for them taxes going to increase and we are taking out the free-market in healthcare, less choices for the doctors we want, and much longer waiting for procedures. Healthcare personnel has less incentive to perform better, as they only have to do the minimum set by the government.

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    Proper universal health care would be great. It would mean nobody suffering or dying because they couldn't afford to be treated.

    But the British NHS and what is currently being proposed in the US are not truly universal.

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