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How to Open up to Others.?

Lately, i've been finding myself really depressed and i'm pretty sure its from the fact that i've kinda closed off myself. I mean im not an introvert (although i may be turning into one) and i have friends but not many close ties. I can make friends easily but after that, they are just faces i see everyday at school. I don't hang out with many people besides a few good friends and have had no luck with boy-girl relations for quite a while now. I use to be really open as a kid, i had lots of friends and hung out all the time but then i got really hurt and closed myself off. it took a couple of years to open back up and i had things going really well and even had a relationship going. However that relationship ended really suddenly, why i don't know, and i was hurt more then i showed through the "mask" i put on after that. Ever since, i don't think i've ever taken that mask off and i guess, i've kinda forgotten how to. If anyone whose experienced in this field has any advice on how to open up, it would be really great!


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    It so hard to hide in a mask.. I'd experience this when I am in high school, I have lots of friend, we are all honor students in our class, but there's a come a point that it seems that there's a gap with us because they are taking it as a competition. Then, I learned that I need to things with my own, I can do what I want without them, so I had again new set of companion.. They are better, but always, there will be best among them.. I had 2 good close friends in High school.. But right now that I am in college, I had my very best friend.. If I were you, don't hide the real you. You can find great person that will accept you by being you if you will be first honest to your self.. believe me.. hope this can help..♫♥♫

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    one thing you can do is throw yourself in to a situation (like a club or a party) where you re bound to meet people just sit back and watch and then decide for yourself if you want to keep the mask on or off if what you said about how you were open the rest should come easy and over time along as you keep talking to people~it worked for me

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