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what are some of the proper ways to behave at a funeral?

and how do we treat neighbors familys friends enemys relatives mothers fathers siblings all people in general at funerals.. like dont call the cops on the grieving or send food cards how do we comfort everyone and really believe that we are mourning.. blessed are those who mourn how did your friends neighbors familys enemys treat you all at funerals did you get the comforts that old fashioned manners used to do for humans at and after funerals?

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    well don't laugh, people don't like that.

    when i'm nervous or upset i laugh... its ironic

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    i like your question. I first could want to thank you for volunteering, that's very patriotic. I even have performed the bugle in over 50 funerals in my 21 yrs interior the army. they could have a place so you might face form of interior the historic past. you will stand with the bugle at your side. attempting to stand as nevertheless as a risk(without locking your knees) they assist you to appreciate earlier than time whilst to start enjoying it. you will improve it in a sluggish form of way. as quickly as finished enjoying faucets, you will decrease the bugle to your side interior the same way. you will in basic terms stand there till the funeral is over. Then be arranged to have the acquaintances and kin come and thank you. that's the main priceless area.

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    Basically just keep quiet, don't mention the person who had died, and don't smile during the funeral, TRUST me it will offend many people if you do.

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