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Does anyone know about the "40lbs 40 days" diet?

Their website doesn't tell anything, especially how much it is. It wants you to give a phone number you can be contacted.


What Conans said is true. I'm just curious what it is and how much. I've been there too many times and know there's no magic bullet to lose weight.

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    anything more than 2 lbs a week is not recommended

    your first 5-10 lbs will be water, and that goes fast

    but shoot for 2 lbs a week to be safe and allow your bod

    time to catch up and heal (no saggy skin!)


    want to lose weight - send $19.95 to - - - - - -JK!!!

    GOOGLE “Mayo Clinic tool”

    trusted name - Mayo Clinic - figure out your daily needs -

    for calories and just subtract 15%

    I eat 5 small meals a day – always eat fruit away from the main meal UNLESS

    It is your main meal

    drink your water 1/2 oz per pound/day + 8 oz for every 25 lbs overweight

    Walk 30 minutes a day most days a week

    all the best

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    It sounds too good to be true. So it is probably a scam.

    To lose weight no matter what the diet is - you must be consistant & not cheat. And you must exercise.

    You must start with simple exercise evn though it tires you. 1/2 hr - 30mins 3times a week - walking for 3 wks. Then 45 mins - 3times a wk for 3 wks. Then 1 hr. ....

    Nothing comes easy.

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