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Question about tumor on rattie.?

And although she's been eating normally from what I can see, she does seem to have lost a little weight; however, it could be the weight of the masses. They are located underneath of her.


My dumbo rat has developed two rather large tumor-like masses. I had brought her to the vet when the first started forming. Of course she said that it was one of those things that as long as she was still comfortable, it'd be ok not to remove it. The second formed shortly after. She's eating, playing, drinking, moving around (however, she may have just adjusted to the extra "appendages"). They don't seem to bother her, but when do you think it's been long enough? Also, is it because she's a specialty rat? She's not quite two years. Any advice, suggestions, or related stories would help. Thanks!

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    I'm so sorry! I've had two rats at two different times and they have both died from tumors! The tumors were about as big as golf balls. Both times I had them put down even though they were acting normal.My friend had a similar story w/her rat.I've never had two on one rat before.

    My rats were the same age. Hope it works out for ya!

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    i know exactly what they are!! theyre called mammary cysts. they do not hurt your rat in any way possible. they just get big and get in the way :] my rat has had many of them!! and she always pulled through the surgerys with flying colors!! the cause of them is unknown. but dont worry!! they dont hurt your rat at all!! you can tell by their personality. :] do they look like this?

    and do they feel like little bouncie balls are under your rats skin??? yup thats a mammary cyst. honestly its not a big deal. if your rats not freaking out about it, you shouldnt either :] if your rat was in pain you would obviously be able to know. if shes getting lazier or doesnt want to play or eat or drink. then you should be worried. just bring her to the vet. she'll bbe fine i promisee :] good luck.

    oh and i forgot to say, mammary cysts are more common in female rats then males. im not sure if that could come in handy or not. :]

    aim: msJuliet805 contact me if you need to. and ill tell you everything you need to know.

    Source(s): 7 rats and a breeder
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