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Are Asian Americans a true Model Minority?

Asian Americans seem to be a model minority in this country. They consistently receive the highest cumulative SAT scores, are disproportionately represented in the best universities, and have one of the highest mean incomes of all racial groups. Also, what is up with Asians always winning the National Spelling Bee? They even spell better than white people!

Do they hold a secret that other racial groups in this country don't know about? Is it tradition? Genetic? What?

Update 2:

Also, it is no secret that the University of California System disproportionately serves Asian Americans:


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    I'm Asian. I have no opinion on the model minority thing but I can say that culturally, Asian countries put HEAVY emphasize on the role of education.

    It is well known that on report card day in Japan, Police officers patrol subway platforms to prevent any student suicides because of grades...that's how intense we are.

    It is deeply shameful and taints one's entire heritage to be uneducated

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    they are pronounced because of the fact the "style minority" because of the fact our society stereotypes them to be extremely smart, good at math and technology, all med. college or engineering hopefuls, and so on. The checklist is going on. This probable is because of the actuality that for the period of maximum circumstances their subculture fosters a good artwork ethic. yet it extremely is all that's, and that's in basic terms in maximum circumstances. There are exceptions. something of yank subculture ought to do an analogous for its little ones if we tried. easily, nevertheless, talk candidly to a pair of them and that they might help understand that the "style minority" attractiveness places a lot of undue rigidity on them. think of the rigidity on youngsters whilst everybody seems to them and expects them to be appropriate straight away A scholars who're freed from flaws. they are in basic terms common human beings too. Stereotypes are constantly unfair, even "good" ones.

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    And most of all, you never hear Asians whining how they've been " oppressed " by whitey and the man keeping them down either. It's good to see Asian Americans depend on their own self effort and determination rather than having the government so call " equal the playing field " for them to succeed. God bless.

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    All I know is that this particular minority doesn't have a problem passing all the same "unfair" tests that other minorities have consistently performed poorly on for DECADES. They have a much stronger work ethic and will to learn.

    What does this mean?? I don't know.

    But it certainly isn't the fault of the test.

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    It's tradition. Their parents force them from birth to be academic and remember how to spell words, finish algebra before even starting in school, ect ect.

    Source(s): Live in a community with a large asian population
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    Yeah, but how many are in congress? You folks treat Asians like exemplary 'others'. Not Americans.

    They're definitely culturally superior.

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    They work very hard. I think they have a good work ethic. My roommate in college was a Japanese American. She got a 4.0 the whole time and she was an engineering major.

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    Except for the Asian gangs and the Tong, their version of organized crime

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    Its cultural. Generally they put more emphasis on family, self sacrifice, and education that most other cultural groups in the US.

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    It is not genetic. It's tradition. Shaming children who do badly.

    Sad, perhaps, but it tends to work.

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