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serious questions for guys!?

guys my family (grandpa) has prostate i want to know can i get it from him? like herite it (misspelled) and im asking because my urine hole / tube whatever hurts sometimes when i take a piss like i feel it where the tube goes and this is a sharp pain so anyone know what that could be?


also ive notice that sometimes my urine is cloudy is this normal? just asking

Update 2:

usualy after wanking the monkey if you know what i mean

Update 3:

male- 14 years old- its mostly after i wake up and i sleep face down or something its just evry now and then

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    Prostate cancer is a disease of age, not of youth. If you get prostate cancer it'll likely be somewhere in the 6th or 7th decades of life. If your penis hurts, or burns, you should see a doctor. They will likely do a culture to rule out any infection. Normal urine is clear to cloudy.

  • Alex
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    First of all, yes, cancer is passed through genes you can inherit it. Second of all, you probably do not have prostate cancer. Often, the tube which carries your urine may hurt after waking up and urinating immediately, urinating after waiting a very long time, or immediately after masturbation. If it hurts and the timing does not apply to the above, I would check it out with a doctor.

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    my dad had prostate cancer last year, had to get a prostatectomy (removal of prostate) all good now though...but it is indeed hereditary (in the genes). Doctors say get a prostate check roughly 35-40 (my dad got it when he was in his 40's) to me and my brother...just to be on the safe side.

    As to your last comment, not really sure bout the cloudiness of the urine, but if its usually after having a **** then your fine. at times my penis has been a bit sore while taking a piss...its normal dude/

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    don't worry... you might get it later on but it's unlikely you have it now... painful urination is often a sign of a urinary infection. nothing to serious... antibiotics or penicillin will clear it right up... it could also just be a fluke, that happens to everyone now and then... like you slept on it wrong or something... oh... and it's called the urethra... also... I'm assuming your a guy since only men have a prostate... if I'm guessed wrong and your a girl then you're in the clear...

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    Cancer isn't inherited. You are at a greater risk though(family history), and you should get prostate exams more often and sooner than normal.

    And your urine is cloudy because it's mixed in with semen that didn't come out.

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    idk but do go in and have that checked out

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