What are some things to do in the 3rd trimester to pass the time?

Time is passing so slowly, and I need something to keep me occupied. Everything is done. Just this last week I made a baby blanket. I'm out of ideas though, and this slow tick tock is driving me crazy. What did you all do to pass the time? I'm 32w4d with my first. Thanks in advance!


Thank ya'll for the great suggestions!

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    Read a book or watch a movie you've been wanting to see. Once the baby's here, there won't be much time for that.

    Make a list of everyone you want to call (or want your family to call) when you're in labor and when the baby's born. Put full names, phone numbers, and put them in order of importance.

    Pack, or repack, your hospital bag. If you packed it early, make sure everything still fits and is still going to be comfortable.

    Wash all of baby's clothes.

    Start writing a letter to baby that you can give to him/her when she's starting school, going on his/her first date, graduating from high school or college, getting married, having children of his/her own. You never know what this life has in store for us and how short it may be.

    Make a cd of songs that remind you of the way you feel about baby that you can play for him/her.

    Start a scrapbook. If you don't want to deal with all of the clutter, there's always digital scrapbooking.

    Start filling out the baby book.

    Start making out baby's Christmas list. It'll be here before you know it!

    Plan a get-together with your friends. After the baby's here, there won't be a lot of time for "adult time". Enjoy it while you can.

    Make out a birth plan, or revise yours.

    Learn how to cross-stitch and cross-stitch a bib or pillow for baby.

    Source(s): Labor and delivery nurse; mom of one.
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    As horrible as it sounds, I find video games to help pass the time. And I sleep a lot. Plus, I have started cleaning every tiny thing in the house. I'll move things from one room to another to store them for no reason, and do laundry when its a small load. I guess this is the nesting instinct but it definitely keeps me occupied and makes me tired so I sleep a lot more.

    Source(s): 34 weeks pregnant with a little girl
  • This is going to sound funny but.. when I started to feel like you do now, I joined Yahoo! Answers. Now when I get bored I just get on here and see if I can help other people, or just read questions and answers, sometimes do searches to read about certain things. Some nights I get so caught up that I stay up later then I meant to, not that it matters since I can't seem to sleep anyways.

    Also I read, just random books. I put them on hold online and my mom (Bless her soul) picks them up for me from the library.

    My 3 year old helps to, he can be very entertaining during the day.

    Source(s): Mom to a 3 yr old, 34 weeks with twin boys, and on bedrest.
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    Why dont you start making frozen meals for when the baby gets here. Im in the same boat as you im 34 weeks and bored at times. I have cleaned everything! But I know im not gonna wanna cook when my baby gets here. So get it outta the way now. Good Luck

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    read a lots of book to gain knowledge & talk to the baby. Tell the baby about good things so when they baby come out he would be gud person.

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    well u n me both hun, im only 29 weeks and just want her in my arms already. im taking up crochet, but going out to do anything seems to work to.... good luck.

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