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Can anyone relate? I really need to talk to someone who can.?

I'm 13. My dad kicked my mom and I out on the streets of Oakland, CA when I was a baby. We moved in with my grandparents. Then they kicked my mom out, and I stayed with them. But up until the time I was six, I cried myself to sleep every night. And even still, whenever I think of him, I cry. I haven't seen him in years. I feel as if he doesn't care for me, since he now has two little boys and lives with them in San Francisco. The song, Butterfly Fly Away, makes me cry. Can anyone relate? I really wanna talk to someone who can. Please.

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    That's really hard. I'm so sorry. And your still so young. You will be ok though just enjoy what you have everything happens for a reason we might not always know the reason but it does. An example one time my parents were coming out to the car with a bunch of grocieries (sorry idk how to spell that one) and the bag ripped. No big deal right? Wrong it ended up that because of the seconds it took to get the stuff that had fallen out of the bag saved them from being in a car accident right in front of them. You may not find out why that happened but there's a reason for it. That song makes me cry to and I'm 17 lol :) I love it also I Miss You by Miley makes me cry to its amazing.

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    I once had a dog named Matt someone was play ball with him and the ball went on the street and he got ran over and the guy who ran him over back up can crushed hi again and went forwards agin, Then I got a dog named Stealth and we gave him away :( and I never saw him again and we had a new dog and I forget the name but she got given away because we had Stealth too then and we didn't have enough room is what my mom said so I lost 3 dogs :.(

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    hey hunny,was there a reason for your dad to kick you and your mom out?

    Okayy 1st of all,it's really messed up that he hasn't even bother looking for you.Can you call him some how and talk things out with things out with everyone.. tell them how you feel. well thats if you wanna.

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  • i havent seen my dad in like 11 years, im 17 now. Sometime i wonder about him, wonder what my life would be like if he stayed, but i like this life

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    sad kid, email me and I'll text u or something and i could be your personal therapist and you could talk to me anytime, i promise

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