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Christian at what age do or did you tell your child that he/she is a sinner?

The way I look at it, if you say that we are all sinners and are guarantee to disobey God, you may want to start telling your child this at a younger age.

So what age do you break the news to your child that he/she is going to grow up to be a disobedient child?

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    I would tell them, only if they asked about it. What I actually did with my two children, is that I took them to a Bible believing, Bible Preaching church every Sunday. They were in Sunday School each sunday and had good teachers. As they got older, they realized that they needed to make a decision regarding their relationship to God. My son was eight when he gave his life to Christ and my daughter was seven.

  • wow I would never tell them they are going to grow up to be a disobedient child. I don't think there's a specific time and age to tell your child he's a sinner. Spankin' starts early enough and that teaches them. I'd rather tell them they are going to grow up loving God and being obedient and that sometimes they will fail, but Jesus is our advocate. And Jesus is our righteousness. That is the GOOD NEWS!

  • You don't. You tell them when they sin, but you shouldn't define their entire existence as sinful. People can choose to be good too.

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    I don't.

    You may want to mind your own business.

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