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How do i know if a girl likes me?

like whe i talk to a girl that i don't see often but once a while and if she knows i'm flirting wiht her how do i know if she's being nice or if she liks me too

theres this girl work near where i work she comes to our store ones while. when she passes by i see her looking at me but when i look at her she look away and, and most the time when i see her walk through the store or walk in the mall she kinda looks at me but avoids me but then she always comes to my line, and i always talk to her just small talk and she always keep the convo going. (i work at the mall btw lol) and times running out coz tomorrow is my last day b4 i go to school

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    Dude she likes you.Trust me.

    Don't miss the chance.

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