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Worth the upgrade? (Dell Studio 15 1555)?

I just got a new dell studio 15 and I use to build computers for a living and I hate dell stock components. I removed the 5400 RPM hard drive with a 7200 RPM WD hard drive and I actually made money by selling the old one on ebay and buying the new one on ebay because the guy listed it poorly and now I'd like to take out the 4 GB (2x2GB) Dell 800 Mhz PC6400 DDR2 RAM and replace it with kingston hyper RAM. Between selling the dell RAM on ebay and buying the new RAM on newegg it would only cost $20 and I doubt it would be very noticeable... maybe its just the enthusiast in me lol

Or should I just wait until I can afford to upgrade to 8 GB (2x4GB)? This prolly wont be for a year or so and even if I did buy the kingston RAM now its only $20...

What do you guys think?


Chris, the only reasonably priced SSDs are like 32GB which would require that I lug around an external hard drive everywhere I go... No thank you lol

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    Definitely not, especially in a laptop where the maximum ram speed probably is 800MHz. Perhaps you'd see an increase in benchmarks but not in real usage. Save your money to buy an SSD, that will really give your laptop a kick in the pants! :)

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  • Anonymous
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    i dont think that wireless card can make any different because nowadays all laptop has the wireless card but the hard drive really make a different higher capacity hdd will enable you to store more item it depend on your storage need if you need more storage,then go for 500gb if you just want to save some money,get the 320gb check the rpm for the hdd 7200 is better than 5400

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