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Teenage Genital Warts, Born with them! (please help)?

Hey guys..., so I have a problem which I don't know what to do about.

I'm 16, a guy, and I've had these weird bumps around where the foreskin gets cut at during a circumcision... and these aren't small bumps, they're huge, cauliflower-like growths- For most of my life I actually thought everyone had that, until you know, I got older and Sex Ed, etc.

So yeah, I'm really confused on what to do about this- I'm still a virgin, because of them, so it wasnt transmitted to me. Any advice that can be given would be much appreciated- someone please help, these bother me everyday constantly, I have to keep avoiding "encounters" with people because i'm just so ashamed.

I'm also very embarassed/afraid to talk to my parents about this, them and I have never gotten along that well in the first place..

so can someone please enlighten me on what I can do? The prices of remedies, how long it'll take to get rid of if I find treatment, just ANYTHING that I can do-

Thanks in advance guys, it really means a lot.

and i will talk to my parents about this once I learn more, so please no "just talk to them" answers please. Thanks again.

(sorry for the repeated question, I just really need as much help as i can get)


Oh, and I'm trying to avoid seeing my doctor, seeing that she's actually my mothers bestfriend, and i'm not sure I'd be able to deal with that... Thinking of going to a clinic by myself to check it out..

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    Can you go speak to your doctor about them? If they have been there all your life they will probably need to be removed using a minor procedure.

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    I would suggest going to the doctor, even though it is your mother's best friend. There are no "home remedies" for genital warts, if that is in fact what they are. You should go get tested for HPV (which causes genital warts) and get treated from there.

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