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What should I do, I would love help please?

I get so lonely. My husband is never home, and we don't have children. I tell him to get me pregnant, so that when he is not home, I won't be so lonely. So that I can have some one to look after, and not be depressed. What should I do?

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    I think you should confront him that you are feeling lonely. Or when he comes home, set a mood to have a little fun. Spice it up so he wants to come home. Have adventures with him in the bed. Then after, tell him the situation. :) Maybe you guys can make a deal about him coming home early and spending time with you. :)

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    Having a baby is not necessarily the right answer for your loneliness and depression. Raising a baby is tough and you will soon resent your husband's absence even more. The question is why is your husband never home. Is it work related and unavoidable? You need to expand your social horizons and get yourself friends that you can talk to and spend time with when your husband is not around. Get involved in any group that is of interest - you will meet people and make new friends. With friends that you can call and go out with you will not feel so lonely and you will not feel depressed.

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    what if you find yourselff a job, whether it be full time or part time. That way you can then have something to do and make money and help the income flow. or is your husband that doesn't let the wife work. what if you get a pet of some kind.? i too get bored during the day as partner is at work and kids r at school. i go on computer and check my emails, i also do this what i a doing now. Myself and partner have part time work painting fence rails and posts but because its winter, or should i say just came out of winter wasn't able to do much of it. we get paid cash in hand for it and we can go whenever we like. I found the job on a big like notice board outside my doctors surgery. its great in the summer. find a hobby of some kind. good luck and i hope this has helped you.

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    wow children are alot to handle, but you seem ready. well if you cant get pregnant you can always adopt or fauster care. there are millions of children who need a family and home and you can not only help yourself from depression but also a child.

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    since you stay home, i think u should use the time u have to prepare urselfs for a wonder evening or night, in the room or, take him out or make dinner, if u have a lot of time with him u can do this in one day, if not space them out and go all out wit events

  • get a puppy. You can't expect to raise his child without his support.

    That's unfair to the child for them to be born to keep you company. If u are thinking along those lines then you aren't mature enough to be a parent.

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    Go to marriage counseling or get a hobby.Go bowling.Take a class, go to church, get out of the house.

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