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how should i approach a girl i like to ask her out?

i really like her but im afraid im not her type, shes all rocker and everything but from knowing her just a couple weeks she is very open to other things. she is so nice and sweet person so far that ive met her and im just average and im kinda quiet and also i have kinda low self esteem like i always think i look ugly(ill try and put pic tommorow on here)......its killing me cuz if i do grow the balls to ask her out and she says no or something im gonna look like a douchebag lol. we both freshman in hs

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    low self esteem :s what the heck???

    lifes freaking too short to have low self esteem????

    what happened to the good times????

    be confident and love life you loser!!!!!

    you only get to be a teenager once!!!!

    hell I'd so trade to go back to hs right now!!!!!

    trust me thinking your ugly will just make things worse, I know from experience. im almost 21 and it saves you alot of hassle.

    Just love yourself and accept yourself.

    Look in the mirror every morning and be proud of what God has given you.

    Beauty starts from the inside of you, not some beauty of some other girl.

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    It is fear of rejection killing you. Setting things with considerations would be fine, but it is better to take a risk asking her our rather than waiting and doing nothing. How would you get her, if you won't try? being yourself is cool, just be confident with what you are doing and everything will lead you close to her.

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    You could always just kind of hint at it like ask her to a few movies. Get used to being around her alot to make sure sh likes you to. The go for it. Im a jr :D

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    Don't be so shy and frustrated with this thing.. be confident, it's not bad to try right?? Be thankful that in short time she trusted you that way..♫♫♥♥

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  • it's okay, but i suggest you just get your self esteem up and get to know her a bit better.

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