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so is it a yeast infection or uti?

im 7 months pregnant and ive been having this awful itch for about a month or first the dr prescribed me some uti medication and then the itch didnt go comes and goes every few weeks and it only itches on the skin that covers my clitoris...its irritated to the point where it seems like tiny cuts and it scabs im calling my dr tomorrow morning to see if she can prescribe me some meds but do any of you know by experience what it could be?

i try not to hold in my urine but sometimes i do...i drink lots of water thru out the day and my urine is very clear most of the time i do have this discharge thats mucousy like and its thin and thick sometimes its a light greenish yellow odor...

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    When you are pregnant you discharge. It's like having a period only not bloody. If it's colored that is concerning. It should be clear, whitish, grayish or yellowish. It's it's green, there's probably some other issue. It sounds like you are having something that is neither a yeast infection nor a uti. It could be something like trichomoniasis or some other std. It could be the under ware you are choosing to wear.

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    that sounds extra like a UTI, however you could also have each. detailed meals relatively feed yeast, so you may also must difference your vitamin, and you'll must pass to a health care professional to look if in case you have a UTI and get antibiotics.

  • Eolra
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    Sounds like a yeast infection. A uti would feel more like burning when you pee and an overwhelming need to pee even when you don't have much urine in your bladder. Yeast infections aren't always just "inside", they can be all within your folds too.

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    it could be a yeast infection, but those symptoms sound like Chlamydia, I am not at being rude!!!! But a yeast infection and Chlamydia have a lot of the same symptoms, just ask your doctor tomorrow.

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