if atheism was true and has all proof then how did the first idea come to be?

now lets think here me and my dad just had a question of the theory of evolution is not true i have come to know that but the fact of which i wanna know is if there is no god then how did we gain knowledge out of being such a primitive species it has to be proff that there is a power that gives us idea to take control of our own knowledge now lets keep it in english here no answers that are just plain freakin long


obiviously you didn't catch the first question and i'm out of school you twits i just wanna know of how evolution started and the begining of thought that has to be proof there is something there

Update 2:

dont judge my spelling i've never been good with punctuation (dont judge me) i like to come up with ideas for storieds and poems not a literary scholar!

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    You might want to consider adding a few punctuation marks to your incredibly long sentence. Spell-check might not be such a bad idea either.

    As for your question, "if atheism was true" is a fallacy in itself. Atheism is simply the rejection of theism or the belief that deities do not exist. People have Atheistic beliefs, so by default, Atheism is true.

    Now, you are asking for proof of what exactly? Can you rephrase the second part of your question? Maybe add a comma or two here and there.

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    You're asking the wrong question. The question you and your dad should be asking is why on earth have you come to the conclusion that the theory of evolution is not true?

    Do some research. This would be a good starting point for your research:

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    Atheism came from Middle French word atheisme in 1546 meaning godless. There are no facts the god created the universe. However, we do evolved, but not from monkeys cavemen yes. We evolved from survivals for life and we continue to evolve; people are getting smarter. Realistically, we gain knowledge from past experiences.

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    Well if you don't want the long version, I will give it to you in a simple way, that even the least intelligent can understand. We, being evolutionists, have found proof of living organisms over six billion years ago. God, or whatever founder of "your world," was not around six billion years ago. This means that there were people here before your "God."

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    How about answers that are punctuated? Is that ok?

    Evolution demonstrates an increase of complexity. The mode in which ideas are transfered and expressed, the paradigms in which they are couched in have likewise evolved to the point where are at now. Animals communicate on a very basic level. We have language (thanks for shitting on it) and the brain space to express abstract ideas.

    So (if this isn't too long for you) the biological and noological have evolved together. Greater physical complexity and greater mental complexity followed one another.

    If you believe in zombie jews, let us believe in synergy.

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    I have no way of knowing what the first idea was, who had it or the inspiration behind it.

    But here's an idea I think will help you -

    Using capitalization, punctuation and disposing of "run on sentences" when writing helps the reader understand you better.

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    evolution exists because an offspring of a species was born "mutated." turning out to be advantageous to the conditions that, that certain species lives in; thus those offspring live longer and produce more off springs.

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    we gained knowledge out of necessity. there are animals who have had to use tools to open food, thats a fact. from that little knowledge comes more knowledge out of necessity. and after thousands of years of making due by creating clothes to keep warm, housing to keep dry and so forth comes mankind at its greatest. God or any other supreme being is not helping us now, so what makes you think he did then?

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    The idea of intelligent consciousness that permeates the universe does not necessarily dictate sudden Creationism and human laws on morality.

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    once you're asking approximately "rational communication", then you're astonishing, the two events do not ought to take part if atheists are taking the skeptical stance and arranged for people who've certainly asserted that a god exists to "positioned up or close up". in actuality we can all drag out our backyard chairs, plunk down, circulate our hands, and wait in expectant silence until eventually the theists decrease back up their claims... and we would be totally justified. As Christopher Hitchens pronounced: "that that's regular with out evidence could be brushed aside with out evidence". And as quickly as back, in basic terms given which you look so insistent, atheists do not ought to assert something. which would be disappointing and you could think of "gosh, atheists have it too ordinary", yet it extremely is the gist of it. there is not any good clarification for us to pipe up until eventually we are provided with something important to argue approximately! same element would ensue if I disagreed with somebody's fact that "the zorx" is genuine. i'm unlikely to in the present day tell them "hi, the actuality is that the zorx isn't genuine". First, i'm in basic terms going to assert "teach me" or "I doubt it". To be trouble-free, the truthfully first reaction would be "define 'zorx' in the previous we circulate on". If we don't even understand what that's we are attempting to instruct, there is not any reason to even talk approximately it. it extremely is the place theological noncognitivism is provided in.

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