I Need Help With 3 US History Questions?

US History Questions:

•how did the western united states become settled by european-americans between 1800 and 1870?

•How did westward expansion affect native americans?

•what impact did westward expansion have on the american societry, culture, politics, and economy?

I've done the whole packet of homework exept these three questions and a map, but to find the answer i have to read alot more, and my eyes are killing me, please help.

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    Americans were settled in the United states between 1800 and 1870 to promote trade in the western territories. Britain also promoted getting people over to the Americas by offering free land, or other incentives.

    Westward expansion pushed the native americans back west more and more, it also killed majority of the native american population.

    Westward expansion introduced many of the native american traditions into american traditions, such as the food they ate, and religion. It forced native americans become americanized, and helped boom the economy with more traders being introduced to it.

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