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Excessive Underarm Sweating?

I've got a huge problem. For a long time now, my underarms sweat like crazy. There is not a day that foes by where they dont sweat, even if I am doing absolutely nothing. However, that means, that if I am doing somthing, its way worse. Once in a while out of nowhere they will drops fo sweat will just drip down my arm. Its ridiculous. If its hot, if I'm even the least bit nervous or I'm wearing long sleeves, its at its worst. And its not the wet stains and smell that get to me the most, its the feeling. I dunno but I have like a phobia of sweaty armpits. I simply cannot stand the feeling of them and that doesn't help when they are ALWAYS sweating. I talked to the docter and he superscribed me some superscription stuff for hyperhydrosis but it burns and itches when applied and I could wore it for about a week and it didnt do anything. I think I am supposed to wear it for at least 3 to see any changes but it burns to much and I feel like it wont work. He said anything more than this stuff I shouldn't even consider, like taking pills and stuff because there is too many side effects. However, i read of botox injections and that sounded good but the problem is I dont like needles and get really faint afterwords and this would be like 40 injections in like 1 pit! Also, my mom says that I need to keep trying this prescription stuff and if it doesnt work I have to just live with it. But I can't live with it. It's ruinging my life. Everywhere I go, everything I do I am always thinking about it because I'm always sweating. I just dont know what to do and thinking of having to live with it gives me the sickest feeling ever. Winter is going to be coming up and then I'm going to have to wear long sleeves and I can't possibly see how theres any way I'm gunna get through the day. I feel sooo uncomfortable in long sleeves because my shirt and underarm is just all gross and wet and all I can think about all day is getting home so I can just rip off the shirt for some relief. I really need some help here. Theres gotta be something.

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    Sup bro, have u tried old spice deoderant? Others ones wouldnt work for me and I tried old spice and it makes my armpits like a desert. At first I used old spice anti perspirant and that s**t was too strong it would burn my armpits. I have to downgrade to old spice deoderant and it always work. My armpits never sweat even in summer. My advice would be to try Old Spice. Believe me it works.

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