My Great-Great Grandma was full blooded Cherokee Indian I know for sure, what does that make me? 1/16?

I have no clue about anyone on my Dads side, but this is true on my Mothers side of the family.

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  • Tina
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    1 decade ago
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    If there were no other marriages that added to the bloodline, then your Blood Quantum would be 1/16 as you said.

    Great-Great Grandma 4/4

    Great Grandma 1/2

    Grandma 1/4

    Mother 1/8

    You 1/16

    Every generation you divide the portion by half unless a marriage adds to the bloodline.

  • 4 years ago

    properly the 1st ingredient you ought to do is retake notwithstanding math classes you of course failed.....a million/sixteen + a million/8 = 3/sixteen not a million/12.....that is impossible for a blood quantum besides...and putting aside you blending blood quantum, which isn't executed... academic reward are purely for enrolled contributors of Federally regarded Tribes or countries... And the Baker and/or Dawes rolls weren't burned, they are Federal information and are available by way of the national information... There are 3 Federally regarded Cherokee countries... a million. The Cherokee u . s . a . of Oklahoma demands YOU to coach you have an ancestor on the Dawes Roll there is not any blood quantum requirement... 2. The jap Band of Cherokee, demands YOU to coach you have an ancestor on the Baker Roll and have a minimum of a million/sixteen blood quantum... 3. The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee, demands YOU to coach you have an ancestor on the Dawes Roll and have a minumub of a million/4 blood quantum... in case you cant meet any of those standards then you definately get not something...era!!! Now whilst some public universities and faculties do provide scholarships for being close by American the standards are an identical ought to have a CDIB card (qualified degree of Indian Blood) and to get that card you ought to teach you have ancestors on a Federally regarded Tribe or countries base roll...

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